The best part of summer is yet to come

Time for Summer To-Do List

The very middle of the summer has arrived giving these usually nicer than ever emotions that are so inseparable from the summer itself. We tend to include september because usually the temperatures stay as nice.

For some extra motivation we tend to strangle ourselves into to-do lists for summer, but we came up with an easy one which should not be hard to implement to none of you. It goes as follows;

-Get vitamin D levels up you will need them later on.

-Carry on the tradition of packing way too last-minute and almost missing every single train/plane/ferry ever.

-Read a book. Just one! About anything that you enjoy and not that you feel like you “should” read. More than that is a bonus.

-Leave your phone at home as often as pssible.

-Don't be upset at anything this summer.

-Shop during the SALE.

-Find reasons to go to Italy.

-Wear UNDRESS as many times as possible, it is not possible to receive too any compliments.

 -Wake up reminding yourself “it’s summer”. 


SS18 is on its way

Continuing the Summer To-Do List we can easily tick the one regarding going to Italy as UNDRESS has joined the Milan based MPM fashion agency where Spring/Summer 2018  sales campaign will take place. We believe that there are so many UNDRESS females still to be discovered in all these unexplored territories.

This is just one of the many steps that UNDRESS is aimming to take this year and hopefully we will be able to update you on the following ones soon.


UNDRESS Summer Sale

Last week our summer sale has started and UNDRESS has been very generous unlike the summer this year. August instead sounds promising and you can tell that it has arrived when the laziness finds respectability. If you need to work in august, remember that you can make every day a pre-pre-pre-pre-Friday instead of Monday.

Always bear in mind that you can restart summer in so many different ways..