Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, UNDRESS is a brand founded in 2015 that designs exclusively dresses. Clear forms, monochromatic palette and idea of timeless simplicity is the core identity of UNDRESS.


From the very beginning it was always about the feeling. Perfectly tailored dresses made of premium fabrics are meant to not only send a subtle message of carelessness and liberty but they do as well award a great aesthetic pleasure for the person wearing them.


It is the founder and designer Ana Savicka’s vision to create a brand that never loses its relevance, whether the occasion is a fancy party, elegant wedding or simply work.


UNDRESS chose to focus exclusively on dresses since it is the only independent piece of clothing. With a pair of shoes and accessories of her choice a woman is ready to make a statement.





Choosing to create items that are worn regardless of fashion chaos hovering around is our way of slowing things down. Ensuring fair pay to tailors, carefully selecting fabrics that are not only long lasting, highest quality but some of them have eco mark as well, is our way of sustainability.


Small manufacture is the answer why we have a chance to hear your needs by slightly twisting our dresses so that they fit perfectly. Small manufacture is likewise the answer why you might have to wait a bit for your dress to meet you.




For us creation of a dress foremost means thorough selection of fabrics. It is a source of inspiration for UNDRESS.

Our close connection with suppliers in Italy, France, South Korea, Japan, and Turkey allows us to run our fingers through exclusive viscose, premium cupro, silk, wool blends, eco vegan leather, and even the highest quality polyester.


We sort of bow down for our fabrics. Their folds turn into waves of our items. Therefore we do our best to reveal their peculiarity by designing dresses that highlight the print, the texture, even the weight.


UNDRESS. An ode to a dress.